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General Fittings

Buy equipment and materials for heating and water supply

In the CC Project online store you can always buy equipment and materials for heating and water supply. The range of our heating and water supply store includes boilers (gas boilers, pyrolysis boilers and solid fuel boilers, etc.). We also have a replacement for gas heating, alternative heating - fireplaces (fireplaces with a water jacket, open fireplaces) and radiators of any kind (aluminum radiators, steel radiators, designer radiators).

An important element of heating systems are connecting elements such as pipes (steel pipes, XLPE pipes, etc.) and fittings (press fittings, compression fittings, etc.). The latter have a number of advantages over traditional branches and flanges, such as threaded connections and a variety of materials of manufacture. For pumping water, reinforced-plastic pipes, metal pipes and Pe pipes are needed.

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