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Aluminum radiator STILLY TERMO-ARREDO ST2A.1500

  • Product Code: 36-4915649
  • Brand: Stiliac
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685 грн.

  • Axis, mm: 1500
  • Coefficient: 1.341
  • Norm EC 442 Δt 70 K, Wt: 201
  • NormEC 442 Δt 70 K, kCal/h: 173
  • Volume H2O, l: 1.14
  • Height, mm: 1570
  • Width, mm: 47
  • Depth, mm: 70
  • The country of manufacture: Italy

STILLY TERMO-ARREDO aluminum radiator

International patented STILLY radiator includes two identical heads, one upper and one lower, in aluminum alloy type EN 461000, made by injection molding using innovative mechanical and thermal technology. To compose the radiators, 2 heads are connected with welded aluminum pipes (made of primary aluminum), appropriately processed in the area of ​​connection with the heads. STILLY radiators have a huge number of advantages over competitive products on the market, namely:

  1. stilly Reversible radiator during installation and operation. With excellent workmanship in all respects.
  2. Radiator made of aluminum alloy, assembled into batteries, safe waterproofing with O-rings “Viton80”.
  3. Suitable for use at low temperatures ( ∆t. 25K)
  4. Radiant emission surface & gt; 70%
  5. Almost no head loss.
  6. Increased hydraulic working pressure of 30 bar, the only one in the industry that results in an increased level of mechanical resistance.
  7. General warranty of 15 years from the date of commissioning.
  8. Machined profiled pipes at the point of connection with the heads of the injection-molded manifold for mechanical safety and waterproofing (Morse taper 2).
  9. The possibility of using a special center distance for restructuring and replacing other radiators.
  10. Reduced installation time due to reversibility, lightness and versatility of accessories.
  11. Easy to clean at home, 100% safe thanks to its configuration.
  12. The complete and surface finish of the radiators is done with a two-layer coating. The first coat of paint is applied using advanced technological equipment. Application method - anaphoresis. As the second final layer, paint is applied, which is a powder mixture of epoxy resin

STILLY radiators thanks to the use of construction technology and first-class materials, an architectural line suitable for installation in any room, type of heat radiation are an innovative and practical offer on the market.

Axis, mm 1500
Coefficient 1.341
Norm EC 442 Δt 70 K, Wt 201
NormEC 442 Δt 70 K, kCal/h 173
Volume H2O, l 1.14
Height, mm 1570
Width, mm 47
Depth, mm 70
The country of manufacture Italy
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