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Доставка и оплата

  • 10.01.2022

Delivery methods

Delivery of our goods can be carried out in several ways. Each client chooses the most convenient and optimal one.

Delivery in Kiev

Our online store strives to provide its customers with the most favorable conditions for the purchase of goods. Therefore, we offer our customers the service - DELIVERY ACROSS KIEV, which will be performed as soon as possible. This service does not apply to the category "Solid fuel boilers".

Delivery service in Ukraine

It is possible to deliver goods across Ukraine using the services of a number of transport companies, such as:

In this case, the cost of services is calculated on the basis of the existing tariffs of the transport company you have chosen, in effect at the time of ordering.


There is a possibility of self-pickup of the goods you have purchased from our office . The goods are stored in the warehouse and delivered to order. Earnest request, before the visit, agree with the manager on the time of visiting the office.

Payment Methods

For the convenience of our customers, our company offers different methods of payment for the HVAC equipment purchased from us.

- Cash upon receipt of the goods;

- Cashless.