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Integrated heating

  • 19.01.2022

Integrated heating

This is an integrated heating and water heating system in houses ranging from 80 to 400 m 2, which is based on renewable energy sources. Integrated heating consists of solar collectors and a domestic hot water tank together with complete equipment, a fireplace with a water sleeve and a built-in heat exchanger with complete equipment, an integrator to ensure accurate energy management and a gas saving boiler as a backup heat source.

The turbofireplace is used for space heating and hot water heating during periods of little sunshine. Its power must be matched to the area of ​​the building.

Turbo solarium solar collectors are used to heat warm water during sunny periods, the number of which (number of panels) is selected depending on the number of residents and the need for warm water.

Our latest invention enables the Turbofireplace, which acts as a buffer, to receive the excess energy from the collectors. It transfers the received energy to the heat exchanger - radiator heating, floor heating, bathroom heating or returns it to the domestic hot water tank.

Our range includes standard packages for 3-4 personal families, which can be freely modified.


  • Energy security independence from ever-increasing energy prices and interruptions in its supply
  • Innovative energy management system devices are based on a number of patent solutions, which are further improved, setting new trends in heating systems
  • The use of renewable energy sources collector turbo solarium converts solar radiation (free solar energy) by heating warm water,

Turbofireplace (water cloak) with built-in heat exchanger adapted to biomass combustion - Efficient operation of devices products designed to be compatible in one system, which guarantees high efficiency and complementarity of heat sources - Saving way of heating the house the use of renewable heat sources ensures low operating costs - the collector is powered by free solar energy, the fireplace with a water sleeve is adapted to burn biomass, one of the cheapest heating materials

The integrated system consists of three heat sources that use renewable energy sources:

- Turbo solarium

- solar collectors that convert free solar energy into energy for heating water in domestic hot water tanks

- Urbofireplaces - fireplaces with a water cloak, with a built-in heat exchanger adapted to biomass combustion

- Additional heat source: boiler (gas, oil, electric), heat pump

- Integrator - the heart of the energy management system, increases the efficiency of the system