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Integrators 2

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Integrator 1

An integrator is a device that optimizes and harmonizes the operation of heat sources: a turbofireplace with a built-in heat exchanger, a heating boiler and also heat sinks: warm water, floor heating systems and radiators.

The use of an integrator increases the security of using the system. In the event of a service downtime, e.g. boiler, heating functions are carried out using the Turbofireplace. Management takes place automatically with the help of the Turbofireplace controller.


 Model  height, mm width, mm depth, mm exits  col. three-way valves  col. servo drives 
 Integrator 1  360 450  260 1" (inner)  2  2
 Integrator 2  360  390  260 1" (inner)  1  1

* Three-way valve Honeywell vc66-13

* Connection - 1" female thread

* Fasteners - 4 points (dowel dia. 6-8mm, length - 50 mm)

Schematic diagram of the integrator:

Depending on the type of boiler, we offer different types of integrators:

INTEGRATOR I - compatible with gas or electric boilers without a built-in three-way cock.

INTEGRATOR II - compatible with gas or electric boilers with a built-in three-way cock.

INTEGRATORS 1 and 2 - compatible with gas boilers without a built-in three-way cock, especially recommended for installation with a solar system.

The main advantages of the integrator:

  • Intelligent energy management system
  • Safe use of the installation in case of service downtime, control is carried out automatically by the Turbofireplace controller
  • Ability to dismantle equipment during failures
  • Easy installation, fast installation
  • Automatic redirection of energy for hot water or space heating
  • Improving the reliability of the system Possibility of modular expansion of the system at a later stage
"Integrator installation manual. Specification" more>>

"Instructions for connecting and programming the T-COM controller" more>>

Integrator installation instructions. Specification Download
Instructions for connecting and programming the T-COM controller Download
Description of the Integrator 2 Download
How the Integrator 2 works Download
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