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Alfa Che PE-Xc - pipes and fittings recognized for radiator heating systems, domestic water supply and undergrowth. The basis of the pipe with a diameter of 16 - 25 mm is a ball of PE-Xc polyethylene, cross-linked electronically and interchangeably method. In the systemic victoria, the method of axial compression is used, in which there is no change in the overflow pipeline and additional supplementary kiltsya ushchіlnyuvachiv.

Building area:

  • cold hot and water supply systems;
  • radiator and underfloor heating systems;
  • heating systems for coatings that are under the influx of outdoor temperatures (lift roads, parking lots, football floors too thinly);
  • cold supply systems.
  • ALFA CHE system components:

  • pipes for systems of radiator, underfloor heating and internal drainage (PE-Xc);
  • brass fittings and tension sleeves;
  • System mounting tool.
  • Additional information on the official website of the brand www.alfache.com (go >)

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